The aim of the charity is initially to raise awareness about various aspects of cancer treatments that you might not be aware of.


Highlighting the benefits of various homeopathic treatments as a non toxic alternative to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


After contacting the charity we will be able to advise you of all of the options that you have available to ensure that you are in the most informed position you can be when making the difficult choice regarding treatment. As well as having all of the relevant information available on our website.


Once there is enough funding in the charity the next stage after raising awareness is providing financial assistance where appropriate. Eg. If you would like to go down a homeopathic treatment route such as the Gerson Therapy at one of the clinics in Mexico or Hungary and it is not covered by your health insurance, or you have no medical cover, we will aim to cover the shortfall between the funds you have available and the cost of your treatment.

ACTS Charity is an unincorporated association, registered NPO (No 1188) with the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC).

ACTS Charity is also a member of the Association of Jersey Charities. AJC No. 487

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