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Hoxsey Clinic Costs and Information

Many patients considering alternative medicine have questions about cost and payment. Some types of insurance companies do cover treatments, but it’s important to note that not all insurance will. However, the cost is still far lower than most traditional treatments, ranging between $400 to $3,000 dollars, including doctor’s fees, physical examination, laboratory fees, X-rays and other radiology exams, as well as supplies and supplements.

If you choose treatment through our facility, you will be billed directly. We hire a third party to file insurance paperwork and, should your insurance cover any portion of the treatment, we would then reimburse you that amount.


Hoxsey Clinic Location and Hours

Bio-Medical Center
3170 General Ferreira, Colonia Madero Sur
Tijuana, Baja California Mexico 22046

Clinic hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST Monday thru Friday
Phones: 01152 664 684 9011 – (619) 704 8442 – (619) 407 7858
e-mail: info@hoxseybiomedical.com

Note: Bio-Medical Center has 4 rooms available for patients who will be staying at the clinic for multiple days.

Contact them to learn more or schedule treatment at the clinic, one of the leading holistic cancer treatment centers.

Documentary - Hoxey: The Quack Who Cured Cancer - How the AMA & FDA Shut Down 17 Cancer Clinics


Please give it a watch.

Check out their website here:

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