Agi Masta – full name Agnieszka Mastalerz is an Islander who beat cancer with the help of a super-healthy juice diet is due to launch a book about her battle against the deadly disease, with early sale proceeds going to charity. Please check out this article in the Jersey evening post:


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There are a number of people in the world living with cancer who have resigned themselves to their fate, whatever that may be. In March 2016 Agi Masta became one of those people. She was diagnosed with an aggressive from of cancer. Terrified, confused and unsure of what course to take, she decided shut out the noise in the form of countless advice from professionals, friends and family, and chose to follow the natural path to heal her body.

Agi took charge of her body and life, rejecting conventional treatment and instead embarking on a period of in depth research on this natural from of healing. In this book, she shares her journey, her fears, her victories, her juicing recipes, its benefits and the power of the mind.

She also opens up on the secret behind her illness, her motivation for travelling in a wheelchair abroad, shortly after her first and last surgery. Agi has written 'Juice Your Cancer' to create an awareness about cancer, how to deal with it, and how to prevent it. Using this book she hopes to help more people fight the disease and inspire others to choose a healthier life regardless of wether or not they have cancer. This is Agi's story. She followed her instinct, took a risk, and is sharing her experience in hope that you will learn vital lessons from it, in dealing with cancer and with life in general.

Agi currently lives in Jersey, Channel Islands. For more information you can contact her via e-mail at: juiceyourcancer@gmail.com

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